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— Our Story

Everyone has a story. We want to help share your tales through jewelry.

Who Are We

Jewelry Making

Jessica Leung, the face behind Jaelle, is a local designer that puts a personal touch to her creations by hand-crafting each and every product. Searching throughout Vancouver for materials to source locally, she creates unique products inspired by nature and the shops around Granville Island.

Always an artist at heart, Jessica continuously expresses her creativity through various mediums of art such as drawing, origami, crafts and jewelry crafting.

Our Materials


As an avid environmentalist, we are cognizant of the materials that we use in our jewelry. We are aware that some people maybe sensitive to certain alloys that are typically used in jewelry, such as copper and nickel. That’s why we make it a goal to always use rare and pure metals such as gold and silver in our work.

We love repurposing old items and turning them into something new! When others see that their old and broken necklace is no longer usable, we see a beautiful opportunity to get messy! This means deconstructing old and broken jewelry and using bits and pieces of it to create something new. Isn’t that exciting? Visit our blog to see it in action!

Our Process


Can you paint with all the colors of the wind?

There’s something valuable you can learn from the ol’ Disney classic, Pocahontas. Whether it is the fiery canvas of a sunset or the soft lull of rain against a window, we believe that inspiration is everywhere. Our process begins by observing the natural color palettes that exist in nature. Take for example, the Kumquat necklace. It is inspired by a humble hummingbird that happened to pass by my window one summer’s day.

Have a story to tell? Share it with us and get a custom piece that commemorates it!

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