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A Message from Jessica

Hey guys, thanks for visiting my website! It's great to be able to share my love of designing and creating hand-made jewelry with you. That's why here, you get to collaborate with me to design the jewelry of your choice. Whether it's for a present for someone, or just a treat yourself, there's always a story behind it the piece. Tell me your story and let's make something beautiful!

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Who is it for?

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What are you looking for?





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Have a story to tell?

Here's your chance! As a creative, I'm always interested in the story behind every piece. Here we can talk about the inspiration behind the piece.

Care to share your story with me? I want to know why you want this piece created.

Color is very inspirational! It gives me a sense of direction.

Do you have any material preferences?

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Keep in touch!

Sounds like we are really on to something here! Let's keep in touch! If I have any questions about your order, I will send you a message. :)